Episode 9

EP 09 - Women in tech: building a career in sales

Women are the future of B2B sales. Although they currently hold less than one-third of B2B sales jobs, research shows that women salespeople often outperform men.

Following the Covid lockdown, the ways we interact with customers is more flexible, Less travel heavy. Coupled with more women taking business buying roles, these trends pave the way for more women in sales roles. Since sales is a fast track to the C-suite, more women in sales will eventually lead to more women in leading positions.

In this episode, Sophie discusses with Sue Stephens building a career in tech, bold career moves and the great opportunities for women in sales.

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Conversations with change agents on increasing gender equity in the workplace.

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Sophie Leray

Sophie is the cofounder of EVE List - evelist.org.

Sophie is the founder and spokesperson for the WIL Forum, the first platform for business women leaders in the Middle East and Asia. Based in Dubai for over a decade, she is the co-author of award winner ‘Game Changers: How Women in the Arab World Are Changing the Rules and Shaping the Future’, published in May 2016.